Emergency Coaching With Nikki - 30 min 

  • Coach: Nikki
  • Time: 30 min
  • Where: Zoom / Facebook call
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    What's included?

    Emergency Call

    Emergency Call with Nikki: Zoom Call or Facebook call. Nikki will call you at the date and time selected. Help with current issues and emotional spiral's  

    1:1 Coaching

    You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a personal manifestation strategy. Flossie will go over your previous and current circumstances to help you understand mindset and manifestation. She will then give you tools, affirmations (if needed) and suggestions to help you create your dream life. 
    Meet the Coach


    Masters Degree, Behavior Science, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
    Nikki has been practicing law of belief and assumption, lifestyle development and studying human development and behavior for 15 years.
    She holds 2 bachelors degrees and a masters degree in behavioral science. She is the creator of the mindset evaluation and her passion is helping others change their mindset to create the life of their dreams.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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