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Change your mindset, Change your life

You are an artist, creating a masterpiece. Learning to control your mind allows you to design you want it. Using a combination of law of assumption and knowledge of human behavior, you will be shown the best tools to change your mindset and achieve your greatest desires in life through manifestation. 
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To help you create the life you deserve!

Whether you are new on your manifestation journey or a seasoned manifestor, sometimes you just need a little guidance to create the life you want. 

At Your Thoughts Create, a variety of services are offered to meet your needs.  Want personalized one-on-one coaching? There are plenty of coaching services to choose from. Prefer to learn at your own pace? Check out the courses. Feel like you need structured accountability, while learning about manifestation? Explore the Bootcamp. Enjoy challenges? Or weekly lives? Take a look at the VIP group.  Love rampages, but want a personalized one, just for you....well, that's here too!

Now in her fourth year, Flossie has been a Mindset Coach for Sammy Ingram and has helped thousands of people. Let her help you create the life you deserve!!

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The approach

Designing a plan that works...for YOU!

1. Becoming the Best Version of YOU!

Flossie helps you to become the best version of YOU!  What does that look like? Being a master of manifesting with a high self-concept. Confidence. Knowing what you want...and feeling as if you deserve it. 

2. What's holding you back from the life you want?

What's keeping you from your desires? Let's evaluate where you are in your journey and look for potential hold-ups. Do your affirmations need tweaking? Are you stuck on the old story? Areas of resistance? Put that in the trash where it belongs...and get your manifestations!! 

3. Support when you want and need it!

Flossie has many ways to provide support. Bootcamps, emails, phone coaching, courses, and emergency calls, she strives to keep you on track. Custom rampages to help your mental diet. VIP group to connect with like minded people. Tips &  tricks to keep manifestation fun!
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