I'm Rich AF!!!
2 Day MONEY Workshop

Live Classes
6 months access from purchase date

  • Instructors:
    Flossie & Nikki
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 3-6 hours
  • Video time: 3-5hours
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    What's included?


    • Pre-workshop Homework
    • 2  Live Classes, 1.5+ Hours each
    • Worksheets to help you recreate yourself, your SP, and your relationship
    • Reframing Scan with Nikki
    • 4 Weeks of VIP Group with Flossie
    • Coaching discounts with Nikki and Flossie

    Live Class #1
    Sat  3PM PST

    Topics include:
    Circumstances Do NOT Matter
    Manifestation Abilities
    Stepping into Your Power
    Recreating Your $$$ Relationship 
    $$$ Affirmations
    Letting go of the Old Story
    F You Letter
    Command Letter

    Live Class #2
    Sun  3PM PST

    Topics include
    Revising Money Patterns
    Having a Routine
    Mental Diet
    Assigning Meanings that Work for You
    How to Get Rid of Resistance
    Developing a Wealth Mindset
    Making Manifestation Fun
    Positive Reinforcement
    Courses included

    Best of BOTH Worlds Bundle

    Get both workshops at an amazing price!!
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