All You Need is LOVE
2 Day SP Workshop

Live Classes
6 months access from purchase date

  • Instructors:
    Flossie & Nikki
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 3-6 hours
  • Video time: 3-5hours
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    What's included?


    • Pre-workshop Homework
    • 2  Live Classes, 1.5+ Hours each
    • Worksheets to help you recreate yourself, your SP, and your relationship
    • Reframing Scan with Nikki
    • 4 Weeks of VIP Group with Flossie
    • Coaching discounts with Nikki and Flossie

    Live Class #1
    Sat May 25th 3PM PST

    Topics include:
    Circumstances Do NOT Matter
    Manifestation Abilities
    Recreating Yourself
    Stepping into Your Power
    Recreating Your SP
    Recreating Your Relationship
    SP Affirmations

    Live Class #2
    Sun May 26th 3PM PST

    Topics include:
    Letting Go of the Old Story
    F You Letters
    Revising Relationship Patterns
    Having a Routine
    Mental Diet
    Assigning Meanings that Work for You
    How to Get Rid of Resistance
    Hot and Cold Behavior

    Courses included

    Best of Both Worlds Bundle

    Get both workshops at an amazing price!!
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