GYS Intensive Bootcamp June 2023

  • Author: Flossie
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Video time:4-6  hours
    • Your Time: 1-3 hours a day 
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    "I got the job!!!!! dream... has come true. I so often doubted my affirmations, but not any more. Just received my provisional contract....Salary, benefits and holidays are fantastic."
    "Before this class, it was hard for me to stick to a routine..Within TWO days of the class I got movement of my SP liking my stories on IG & within 4 days SP reached out to me and we have been talking every single day all day since then. We were in no conctact for weeks!"
    "Would highly recommend the Bootcamp.  It has helped me stay focused on my affirmations...I no longer ponder the old story. "

    "Mindset shift alone has made such a big difference in how things have been showing up in my 3D. I know I am finally realizing my power."

    "Flossie is great at teaching and she answers all your questions....This is the first time I have taken my routine seriously."
    "I would 100% recommend it. It's great having someone hold you accountable. Other than manifesting my coworker moving I also manifested getting refunded my money by the end of this week...I don't feel like a victim in my own reality any more."

    "I'm AMAZED at how almost overnight I shifted from really feeling stuck....I'm finally aware of my mental diet...which was in the toilet before bootcamp."
    "Your intensive bootcamp and your help made me remember happiness and joy, excitement and winning, feeling beautiful and worthy, and fuc#%ing powerful AF!!! ...I have movement in money, my SP is chatting to me, and anxiety and sadness is gone." 

    "I had significant movement with my SP and ever that has given me confidence to continue forward and manifest more in other parts of my life too!"


    "SP and I had like a falling out. I spiraled for a long while until I joined the Bootcamp...(now) We have talked like nothing happened. He repeated my affirmations back to me...we are seeing each other in a few days."
    "I’ve seen so much movement with my SP, it’s literally insane watching the unfolding process....Thank you so much Flossie for the daily motivation and for holding me accountable... being able to establish a routine for the past month has helped my anxiety in so many ways, I’m now 1000% sure that I can manifest literally anything under the sun, no matter the circumstances 
    10/10 would recommend this Bootcamp to anyone."
    "Manifesting home ownership but I’m close! I recently raised my credit score by over 100 points and got my pre-approval letter of 600,000 k. I’m going to make it to home ownership in California!"

    " mental diet was in the trash. The Bootcamp helped me get out of that and my SC is on fire. I manifest so many things...All I do is have an idea about something and it shows up in my 3D. It’s so simple and easy but you really have to put yourself on the pedestal and Flossie has really helped me to get to that point with her advice and her pushing me to stick with my routine even when it felt out of place at first... The daily check ins helped me to stop and pay attention to myself and my thoughts. It’s been a great experience!"
    "I haven’t manifested my SP yet, however I did receive some great movement this month. Additionally, I got a bunch of “tiny” manifestations without trying! Such as free food, free drinks, hella compliments... and things really do seem to work out for me. Sure I had some bad days, but....I learned how to handle them much differently than before. When something bad happens in my 3D, I no longer cry, freak out, or feel my heart drop to the pit of my stomach..... I finally understand the importance of having a strict routine and following it! I also feel that I finally understand what it means to have a clean, mental diet. I cannot wait to message you as soon as I get my full manifestation...The accountability aspect was HUGE. Being held accountable with a coach on a daily basis really helped me to keep a clean mental diet... Thank you Flossie!
    "The Bootcamp really helped me get myself back. Before I was barely eating, slacking at work, and barely leaving the house. Haven’t gotten my SP yet but I’m not constantly checking the 3D or reacting any more. The peace of mind was priceless. The accountability, routine, response to questions, and tools totally helped me stay on track and understand manifestation."

    "I knew I needed this Bootcamp to...stop the spiraling and reacting. I learned so much... you broke everything down. I thought before I understood manifesting but this Bootcamp made it all click. I manifested so much movement with my SP, money, getting free stuff, business improving and so much more. The accountability check ins helped a lot more... creating a routine and finding what works for me has helped me feel like I'm in a better place to manifest with ease! Thank you Flossie" 

    What's included?

    A whole lot of teaching, tools, tips, and tricks for GYS!!

    3+ Hour LIVE Class
    Saturday June 3rd, 2023

    After this class, you will have a deeper understanding of the Law of Assumption. You will have a plan of what you will do for the next 27 days to really solidify having a clean mental diet. You will learn tools to help you on your journey and ultimately GYS!

    2nd LIVE for Q&A
    Date to be determined

    During the first or second week, there will be a second live, which will be a Q & A session. You can ask questions, get encouragement, talk about what has been working/not working for you. It will help you to hone in on what you need to do.

    Accountability Check-ins!
    Must have FB to join group!

    You will be held accountable by Flossie and your peers. You will report 5-6 days per week on your mental diet and whether you have been using your tools and persisting.  

    Self-Care and Reflection

    This Bootcamp will be intense and you will be going through a period of transformation. So you will have a weekly Self-Care and Reflection day to take care of you!

    Getting Clear

    Prior to the live class, you will get clear on what you that you can GYS even FASTER!

    Getting Ready

    These guided worksheets with instructional videos will help you to get clear, get ready, and take a look what is working for you, so that you can create the life you want.
    Meet the Coach


    Flossie is a manifestation and mindset coach, having studied coaching in 2006. Throughout her life, Flossie has worn many hats from alternative medicine practitioner and Reiki Master to business builder and being in the medical field.  In 2022, Flossie obtained her Master’s Degree.

    As an intuitive empath, who has a background in psychology, Flossie has a natural ability to help her client’s discover their own direction for their individualized journeys. Sometimes, one can get a little lost and just need a guide to get back on track.
    Master's Degree, Life Coach, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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