Love & SP's With Flossie

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Course features
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  • Level: Beginner - Advanced 
  • Study time: 13 hours
  • Video time: 10 hours
Course overview
Everything you have always wanted to know about manifesting your SP. In this course, Flossie goes in depth, with each section building on the next.

Even if you are brand new to manifestation, you will end this course not only understanding the Law of Assumption, but how to manifest your SP and create a long-lasting relationship.

Manifestation should be fun. Knowing what you desire is in your reality is exciting. So create the reality you want...and were meant to have. 
  • EIYPO  The illusion of free will
  • How to recreate your SP and relationship
  • Recreating yourself
  • How to stop spiraling
  • Getting fast results
  • Ignoring the 3P
  • Hot and cold behavior and how to stop it
  • How to create your perfect affirmations for any situation
  • Revising in an instant
  • Clean mental diet
  • Living in the end
  • Persistence Analogies that make it click! And more!
  • Six months access to the course content, which starts the date of enrollment.  
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