Custom Rampage

  • Coach: Flossie
  • Time: 30 min
  • Schedule : after checkout (3-7 business days) 
    • Submit YOUR affirmations to be CUSTOMIZED
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    What's included?

    30 minute rampage

    Flossie will create a custom rampage for you based on  up to 30 of your affirmations that you will submit and how you answer questions in the form you will fill out while booking. 

    She will add "flair" and put her own spin on your affirmations so that you feel powerful! You will receive a 30 minute MP3 that you can play at your leisure!! Get hyped up about your manifestations. 

    **Does NOT include full creation of all of  affirmations for you. You submit your affirmations to be customized and recorded. Flossie *may* add some additional affirmations based on what is submitted,

    Meet the Coach


    Flossie is a manifestation and mindset coach, having studied coaching in 2006. Throughout her life, Flossie has worn many hats from alternative medicine practitioner and Reiki Master to business builder and being in the medical field. Flossie is currently obtaining her Master’s Degree.
    As an intuitive empath, who has a background in psychology, Flossie has a natural ability to help her client’s discover their own direction for their individualized journeys. Sometimes, one can get a little lost and just need a guide to get back on track.
    Master's Degree, Life Coach, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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