VIP: Weekly Group Coaching 

With Nikki & Flossie

  • Coaches: Nikki and Flossie
  • Level: Any
  • Live Q&A time: 1+ hours per week
  • Challenges: Free Bi Monthly
  • Replays: 4+
  • Discounts: Coaching with both coaches
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    What's included?

    • 4-5+ Live Group Coaching with both coaches
    • Q&A and Live Chat
    • Replays
    • 20% Most Coaching Services
    • Every Tuesday 
      8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST
    • Free Bi Monthly Challenges 

    4-5+ Lives a month

    Have your manifestation questions answered by Flossie & Nikki during the weekly live Q&A sessions! In general, lives are at least an hour long, once a week.
    Bonus lives once a month or more depending on member count

    Community Support

    Meet like-minded individuals on their manifestation journeys. People who understand where you are now. Let's be each other's cheerleaders and lift up one another! Celebrate our success and give encouragement to persist. 
    Meet the instructor

    Nicole Simpson

    Nikki is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, is MBTI certified and is studying to be a NLP Master Practitioner . She has a background in business consulting, development and one on one coaching.As an intuitive energy channeler, Nikki has been practicing law of assumption, lifestyle development and independently studying human development and behavior.She is the creator of the manifestation evaluation (Your Thoughts Create) and her passion is helping others change their mindset to create the life of their dreams.

    NLP, IMBTC, BA, Life Coach, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
    Patrick Jones - Course author
    Meet the Instructor


    Flossie is a manifestation and mindset coach, having studied coaching in 2006. Throughout her life, Flossie has worn many hats from alternative medicine practitioner and Reiki Master to business builder and being in the medical field. In 2022, Flossie obtained her Master’s Degree.

    As an intuitive empath, who has a background in psychology, Flossie has a natural ability to help her client’s discover their own direction for their individualized journeys. Sometimes, one can get a little lost and just need a guide to get back on track.
    Master's Degree, Life Coach, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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